Friday, 18 April 2014

Ideas in progress

I've begun to make a few scraps of work in the few snatches of time before little feet come padding in or I hear a 'Muuuum! '. I find being a full time mum doesn't combine well with being an artist, time wise anyway as in you find there isn't any to make work in! But I also find my kids are a constant source of inspiration,  yes through the work they make be it drawing,  painting, glueing and sticking or playdough, but also just being with them I find I have more ideas flooding in. The sunny weather which has miraculously decided to make an entrance here in the UK also helps, after so much grey (which is a colour I adore by the way but not in terms of light!) I think everyone feels refreshed and renewed, and the inspirational cogs start turning.
Images are of recent little ideas I am having at the moment using collage and mixed media, beginning with vessels: jam jars, bottles & bird feeders, then animals and birds such as hares and guinea fowl. Also a few  peeks of my pinboard.

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