Monday, 13 April 2015

My other life as a painter

I used to make large paintings on canvas, I had a studio and exhibited in a gallery, even sold a few. I was prolific, as I am when I have so many ideas and the creative juices are flowing. Looking back I now know I was stuck in a rut after having made so many landscapes and trees. I didn't realise that the small mixed-media sketches I made in between the 'serious' painting sessions were the key to moving on, but then the small things often are! The work I make now is very open to all sorts of media and mark making, with a very illustrative bent. I am less prone to playing to my own prejudices of what 'serious' work is (a hangover from a fine art painting degree). I know that the processes I used to make these paintings involved printmaking of sorts, using the sides of my brush, card or a paint scraper.    I now collect objects to create prints including my own children's lego (que horrified husband that I 'steal' my OWN children's lego!). So even back then my work was always creative in its methods and processes,  it's just that it's now gone into full flow juicy mixed-media! 
Yes I do plan in tackling those large canvases again (once my remaining little person is in pre-school), but they will be from a very different angle this time.
All images of paintings are from about six years ago using acrylic on canvas, the last however was made when I was 18 years old using inks and still a favourite of mine.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Photographing my work

I had a photographer friend come and photograph my work for me a couple of weeks ago and it was well worth it! I always think it is so important how you present your work online and a variety of other sources. Although it was a rush to get all my work together (little boy in front of the 'Frozen' movie with a snack!), I know i couldn't have created the same results with my limited knowledge of photography. I also love how he was creative with my work and the props I provided. So if you are unsure of doing the same thing,  I would recommend it, it certainly worked for me!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

In the studio

Working in the studio, looking through old sketchbook work getting new ideas together, these include, hens, birds, jars of different things such as letters or jam! It's all in the pipe line. I have so many old sketchbooks that I love looking through, I forget I have had those ideas in the past that's it's refreshing to realise they could be new ideas now! Bits of paper linger in my paper dish ready to be used, such as raffle ticket stubs, envelope post stamps, even the little bits of paper found inside fortune cookies that the boys had at the weekend! All bits of paper are possibilities to me - as long as they have beautiful text or pattern that is!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

This and that

A visiting friend noticed a book in my bookcase I've had since childhood, 'Now we are six' by A.A Milne, of course better known as author of Winnie the poo. I haven't read it since I was a little girl and then I apparently thought it better use as a colouring book - plenty of illustrations filled in with blue biro and my own written title on the front :'colouring book'!- A crime if ever I saw one! I have so enjoyed reading some of the poems again but the illustrations by E.H Shepard even more so. They are just so beautiful and seem to me to embody the nostalgic feeling of childhood. Over on pinterest I've added some illustrations by E.H Shepard, but if you're familiar with Winnie the pooh you'll know what they look like. I'd like to think they've had a subconscious influence on my own work.
Christmas is invading any time slots to get work made at the moment. All this feels fine at the moment but at the same time I do miss making work. I have some bird mixed-media pieces made pre - Christmas madness, and my studio work space is quite something to behold at the moment (aka mess!). 
More photos of my work are on Instagram,  of which I need to yet figure out how to add a little Instagram logo on my blog, aswell as a pinterest logo, so to transport you there in an instant! More time after Christmas means I can have a good go at doing this job then! Time- if only I could buy it I would!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Craft Fair

My first craft fair in a while (or rather post second child), took place in Clitheroe at the weekend. It was very quiet for all stallholders so we all left a little deflated, but as usual with these events it can be the contacts you make that can really make the day, and I met a lovely stallholder that gave me a few tips and ideas. Hopefully we'll bump into each other again at a craft fair. I really am glad to be making it to fairs again. A few photos of my stall above,  it was a little dark so included one taken in my kitchen too.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bits & bobs, kids and new tape!

I tend to get work done infrequently, this includes writing blogs posts. I think I might have talked before about being a full-time mum and artist and it isn't an easy combination, but then being a working mum and artist isn't either! I'm not sure what an easy combination is? I'll make a start with some work and inevitably four little feet will be wandering in to find me, no matter if I've set them up with colouring or lego. Yes it can be very frustrating, but in contrary to that I also find my children incredibly inspirational. No matter if it's random drawing, play dough, lego or just playing outside, I love how they think creatively and make something from nothing.
Also, lately I've bought new paper tape, I've been meaning to for ages, and aswell as being kinder to my studio walls it's (more importantly!) very pretty. Love the geometric pattern. Honestly how excited should I be about having new tape!?
I've made a few bits and bobs of work lately,  mixed-media and collage using found papers and my own printed papers. I just want to make more, usually when I'm in the middle of making a lego spaceship!
Snaps include work taped up using my new tape(!), and a few studio shots this morning, one with a little visitor!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

doodle to complete piece

'Hare' mixed-media and collage on recycled wood. Had this mixed-media sketch taped to my wall where I put all my finished sketches and drawings. Didn't think I'd do anything with it until an artist friend said she liked it, so I mounted it onto a piece of wood. I quite like it now too!
On another note we are weathering x-hurricane Bertha well up here in northwest England. Maybe the gales that are predicted are due to come later!?
It's a very easy and lazy tea here at home: pizza! Can't even brag it's homemade- good old frozen! But always feel a pang of guilt giving my kids frozen food!!
I have a craft fair booked for the end of September which I feel excited and nervous about in equal measure, but know it's a step I need to take.
This has been a mixed bag of a post! So sorry about that to any readers,  just writing what's on my mind this evening!