Sunday, 10 August 2014

doodle to complete piece

'Hare' mixed-media and collage on recycled wood. Had this mixed-media sketch taped to my wall where I put all my finished sketches and drawings. Didn't think I'd do anything with it until an artist friend said she liked it, so I mounted it onto a piece of wood. I quite like it now too!
On another note we are weathering x-hurricane Bertha well up here in northwest England. Maybe the gales that are predicted are due to come later!?
It's a very easy and lazy tea here at home: pizza! Can't even brag it's homemade- good old frozen! But always feel a pang of guilt giving my kids frozen food!!
I have a craft fair booked for the end of September which I feel excited and nervous about in equal measure, but know it's a step I need to take.
This has been a mixed bag of a post! So sorry about that to any readers,  just writing what's on my mind this evening!

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