Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bits & bobs, kids and new tape!

I tend to get work done infrequently, this includes writing blogs posts. I think I might have talked before about being a full-time mum and artist and it isn't an easy combination, but then being a working mum and artist isn't either! I'm not sure what an easy combination is? I'll make a start with some work and inevitably four little feet will be wandering in to find me, no matter if I've set them up with colouring or lego. Yes it can be very frustrating, but in contrary to that I also find my children incredibly inspirational. No matter if it's random drawing, play dough, lego or just playing outside, I love how they think creatively and make something from nothing.
Also, lately I've bought new paper tape, I've been meaning to for ages, and aswell as being kinder to my studio walls it's (more importantly!) very pretty. Love the geometric pattern. Honestly how excited should I be about having new tape!?
I've made a few bits and bobs of work lately,  mixed-media and collage using found papers and my own printed papers. I just want to make more, usually when I'm in the middle of making a lego spaceship!
Snaps include work taped up using my new tape(!), and a few studio shots this morning, one with a little visitor!

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