Saturday, 6 December 2014

This and that

A visiting friend noticed a book in my bookcase I've had since childhood, 'Now we are six' by A.A Milne, of course better known as author of Winnie the poo. I haven't read it since I was a little girl and then I apparently thought it better use as a colouring book - plenty of illustrations filled in with blue biro and my own written title on the front :'colouring book'!- A crime if ever I saw one! I have so enjoyed reading some of the poems again but the illustrations by E.H Shepard even more so. They are just so beautiful and seem to me to embody the nostalgic feeling of childhood. Over on pinterest I've added some illustrations by E.H Shepard, but if you're familiar with Winnie the pooh you'll know what they look like. I'd like to think they've had a subconscious influence on my own work.
Christmas is invading any time slots to get work made at the moment. All this feels fine at the moment but at the same time I do miss making work. I have some bird mixed-media pieces made pre - Christmas madness, and my studio work space is quite something to behold at the moment (aka mess!). 
More photos of my work are on Instagram,  of which I need to yet figure out how to add a little Instagram logo on my blog, aswell as a pinterest logo, so to transport you there in an instant! More time after Christmas means I can have a good go at doing this job then! Time- if only I could buy it I would!

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