Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Old stone

We had a Sunday walk around part of the outskirts of stoneyhurst school, a favourite location of ours because of ducks & geese for the boys and well just beautiful architecture for us grown-ups, or maybe a more fitting description would be magnificent. I just remember the front of the school and long drive were featured in the film Three men and a little lady, if you've seen that good old stalwart of a nineties (or eighties?) film you'll know what I'm talking about! We did the usual walk I do with the boys to the little farm down a lane just by the school grounds. Although not really very old by British standards it has a stone plaque on the side of one of the barns dated 1938, so I do wonder if it had an involvement in the second world war, providing provisions to the school maybe? The photos below are some of the battered and broken windows on the side of the stone barn, I just find them inspirational because of the composition of shapes and textures of the stone, a stone wall was nearby, I love the imperfect shapes locked together and small speckles of overhanging greenery invading another wall. All old stone.

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