Saturday, 6 July 2013

What summer feels like

Visiting an agricultural show takes me back to my childhood. We spent a few summer holidays on showgrounds because my father had a stand selling country clothes such as wax jackets and tweed hats. I have good memories of those times, the smell of the tents, brown grass from the sun, the living quarters in the back of the lorry with bunk beds, the long evenings with dad's friends eating a meal. So when I visit a show these days I get a feel of nostalgia, but of course it all feels different now. Britain was a different country back in the 1980s and it was reflected in the country shows too. But aswell as obviously not being ten years old anymore there is also something missing from shows these days, even large ones and it seems to be an aspect of the traditional. Back then there was no commercialism in shows really because country shows were so successful, they didn't need it. It's that nostalgia for the 1980s that most late 30 somethings have a feel for and I'm no different!
The longridge and goosnargh agricultural show gave us a feel of summer today. It's not a big show but reflects the farming community we have here. Of course two little boys were in heaven with tractors and farm animals, diggers and a giant inflatable slide! Maybe when they get older they will feel nostalgia for their own childhoods spent on our local showground.

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