Saturday, 13 April 2013

Art books: Estelle Thompson

Firstly I will need to apologize as I apparently won't be able to add any links in this post. I am using the blogger droid on my phone as it is quick and easy having the allotted short time to blog while my little tiddlers are asleep, rather than blog on my computer, so sorry you won't be able to go to a link of galleries and artist's sites. You can of course search on google but it's not the same, grrr! Of course someone out there might know how I can add links on blogger droid?
So.... I used to love visiting Purdy Hicks gallery in South East London, not far from Tate Modern, although it was still a power station back then, defunct or not I'm not sure. I like Purdy Hicks because I see it as a painter's gallery so to speak, although I haven't been able to visit for a long time now. It was also small enough to really spend time in and explore the exhibition on show, rather than feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of art to see, which is often how I feel in the very large galleries.
Estelle Thompson was an artist whose work was on show in Purdy Hicks in the early 1990's. I can't remember if I found her in gallery listings which we trawled through before a London visit, or we just visited the gallery and saw her work on show. I related to her work a lot at the time, probably because I was exploring abstraction in my own painting. I still do like her work but of course styles and tastes move on so I'm not sure I would relate to it quite like I did. However I notice from Thompson's website she is still painting, so I'll have more of an in-depth look at her more recent work. Another artist whom the gallery still represents is Michael Porter. I have liked his work for a long time, especially those huge paintings that hang in the Whitworth art gallery in Manchester. Porter's work is in the landscape tradition but focusing on close-ups and what may be underfoot within the undergrowth, really exploring painterly techniques.
Well that was a longer post than I thought I'd write, but I find one artist leads to another. Their work is worth a look if you can.

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