Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Art books

I was an art student in Bath, Somerset, 20 years ago now which still feels like yesterday. Once a month we would all board a coach and make the hour journey to London, to visit art galleries. Not just the huge prominent galleries such as the National Gallery or Tate but the smaller galleries that had at the time less well-known artists or those that were well established very well known artists. I would love those trips, wanting to soak it all in, not just the art, but being in London:the big city, the vibrancy, bustle, noises, smells, the sheer cosmopolitan feel and size of it. With a few friends we would see as many galleries as possible, usually quite obscure and small to see a particular artist's work, but worth the couple of tube stops for (or in some cases really not worth the couple of tube stops for!). We would become over saturated with art and leave physically and visually exhausted by the time we left for Bath in the early evening. I remember one student got so preoccupied he actually missed the coach home and had to catch the train back to Bath under his own steam! On every trip I would bring away with me information on artists, all the better if they were free of course, but every now and then I would buy myself (which as a typically poor art student in those days, was a big deal) a book about the artist. I haven't a huge amount by any means but those I do have I treasure. As a means of reintroducing myself to these books, some more recently bought than others, I am going to look at a book (or maybe pamphlet or magazine) on an artist, or more generally on the subject of art, once a week. Hopefully it won't just serve me and maybe you will see the work of an artist that you recognize or quite like too. So I'll make another post at some point this week on this very subject.

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